Pilates Retreat

Why You Should Join our Next Retreat

It’s our final night in Grand Cayman and we’ve just enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by our private chef when we decided to play a little game. Everyone wrote down their Top 3 Experiences of the retreat and put them into a large shell bowl.  We pulled them out individually and read them aloud, seeing the nods of acknowledgement and agreement from everyone about each experience. The abbreviated list looks something like this:


Wild roosters

Meeting new people

Rum tour


Sound of ocean waves

Relaxing on the beach

Talking to a friend

Making new friends


Island temperature

Watching the sunrise 


Having a private chef




If this alone doesn’t get you excited about a Retreat, let me back up a few days so you can come with us on our 5 day retreat to the beautiful Grand Cayman…

Pilates retreat

Our sunrise view every morning

On arrival day, our driver met us at the airport and drove us to our indulgent, private retreat location on West Bay. The accommodations were indulgent, with ocean views, private pool, jacuzzi tubs and a private chef.  The weather was warm and breezy, just how island temperatures should be in February. After settling in, we stretched our bodies and did some myofascial release techniques to loosen up from our flights. We enjoyed a delicious meal poolside, then got to know each other a little before retreating to our private villas.








Pilates Retreat

7-Mile Beach



The following day we got in an excellent workout at a local Pilates studio and then soaked up the sun on 7-Mile beach. 




Beachfront Breakfast

Catered breakfast with beach views



Day three we RELAXED by the pool after beachfront mat pilates.  This meant naps, reading books, taking walks, exploring the property, etc. That afternoon we had tons of fun at a Rum Distillery, followed by shopping in town and a waterfront dinner downtown.





Pilates retreat

Rum Tasting at the Distillery





Pilates Retreat

Morning Mat Pilates on our private property




Day 4 started off with our catered breakfast of course, followed by another visit to a different Pilates studio. Afterwards we took a boat cruise where we snorkeled, saw sea turtles and held sting rays. The bus was quiet on the way home; everyone was exhausted by our busy day! 




Our final day began with another outdoor mat pilates class and then off to the airport.  As we said goodbye, the consensus was, “When is the next one? We’re definitely coming back!” 


So……if you’re in need of some rest and relaxation, or want some guilt-free time to nap by the pool or while laying on the beach, this retreat is for you!


If you want a healthy, rejuvenating retreat from the stress of normal life, this retreat is for you! 


If you want a stress-free vacation where no planning is required, this retreat is for you!


If you want catered meals by a world-renowned chef, and a driver to take you to pre-planned activities that are healthy and fun, this retreat is for you!


We’d love to have you on our next retreat!  Please take a minute and complete this 4-question survey and where in the world you’d like to go. We can’t wait to see you next time. ?