Why Pilates is a Health Requirement

Pilates is one of the best things you can do for your body. A busy and rushed lifestyle, excessive screen time and convenience foods directly affect whether you can have optimal health and an attractive figure.   If you’ve never tried Pilates, the experience is going to be life-changing. It will uplift your confidence, build your body, enhance your mood, boost your metabolism, and burn excess fat. It not only transforms your body but also offers positive spiritual outcomes. With the long list of benefits from exercise in general, why wait to begin?

A life without Pilates is just like a rainbow without colors; to enjoy the real colors of life, you need to be fit and healthy. There are hundreds of reasons why you need to start immediately, but we’ve just listed a few here. 


Exercise is the antidote to heart disease.

Heart diseases have been most prevalent in recent years because of a sedentary lifestyle. We indulge in unhealthy activities, such as prolonged sitting, poor diet,  and little to no exercise or mindful movement during our busy day. These activities make us prone to heart diseases  high cholesterol, and obesity. Last year, 18.6 million people died of heat-related illnesses! In comparison to the previous decade, the rate of cardiac failure has increased to 17.0%. Edward Stanley once said, “Those who don’t have time for fitness training, sooner or later will find time for illness.”   Mindful movement like Pilates not only builds lean muscle and burns fat, but enables your body to move freely, without pain, so you can enjoy life to the fullest!  If you wish to live a full, healthy life, don’t delay getting started at Fairfax Pilates. 

Strengthen Your Muscles and Bones with Pilates


Pilates , leads to increased bone density and empowers the muscles. Bone density only increases until the age of 25 years, so it is imperative that exercise and proper nutrition is important to gain the highest bone density during the adult years! Deteriorating bone quality will ultimately lead to osteopenia, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis. In older individuals above 60 years, symptomatic osteoarthritis has a prevalence of 10% in men and 13% in women.

Once you lose bone density, you cannot get it back. So, take action before it’s finished. As Jack Lalanne stated, “Exercise is the king, nutrition is the queen.” Put them together, and you’ve got a kingdom.” Own this kingdom to have a good life!


Injuries are hampered by physical activity.

Exercise upgrades the quality of life with enhanced bone strength and powerful muscles. Any type of injury, such as a fracture, ligament tears, muscle sprain, or strain, has a high threshold for an athlete or fit person. Fit people have higher stamina for forceful activities and also fatigue later than sedentary individuals. A study conducted at the University of Florida’s Institute of Aging in Gainesville and published in the journal JAMA in 2014 found that regular exercise in old age leads to  a lower risk of impairment and frailty. This is the gift that Pilates  gives people who enroll themselves in fitness training programs.

High-Quality Sleep Reward from Mindful Movement

“I am sleeping so much better,” is perhaps the most common phrase you will use after starting fitness training. Exercise training revives your metabolism and improves your sleep quality. This ultimately leads to prime health, which allows you to live a better, healthier, and happier life. Avid exercisers eat more mindfully, which is an additional benefit of fitness training. Sleep affects the appetite hormone leptin, which helps the body recognize when it is full. When you lack sufficient sleep, those levels rise, and the hormone Ghrelin, which induces overeating, increases. In this way, a cycle starts, leading to the deterioration of your health due to overeating and a lack of sleep. Pilates reverses this cycle and bestows you with a supreme-quality lifestyle.


Pilates Enhances Your Cognition

According to the Mayo Clinic, regular strength training, when paired with other types of exercise, may help individuals think and learn better. Pilates can help “shore up” the brain against cognitive decline by raising chemicals in the brain that promote and inhibit hippocampal deterioration, which is a crucial area of the brain for memory and learning. According to specialists, activity increases blood circulation throughout your body, which “ignites a fire” in your system. “If a sedentary individual begins an exercise program, it will improve blood flow, transporting oxygen and nutrients to muscular tissue, enhancing their ability to create more energy,” ACE exercise physiologist Pete McCall affirms.

Fitness training enhances the secretion of mood-elevating hormones such as dopamine and oxytocin. These two hormones uplift the thinking process and boost your memory better than anything else. That is why Fairfax Pilates is a must in your life!


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