Beginner Pilates

Why it’s Always the Right Time to Start

Beginner PilatesAre you tired of feeling overweight?

Are you tired of staying at home?

Are you tired of the same routine?


But yet, you are still waiting. 


Would you prefer to lose weight before joining the gym?

Would you rather be more flexible before starting Pilates?

Do Pilates machines scare you?

Are you afraid that you won’t know what you’re doing?

Are you afraid you’ll hurt yourself?



Every single one of these questions is valid.

And you could continue to ask these questions forever.

But that wouldn’t solve any of your problems.

The solution is in taking the leap of faith. The solution is just beyond your comfort zone. If you want a different future, you have to change what you’re doing today. 


You don’t have to know what you’re doing to start Pilates!

Yes, the machines look scary.  They also have scary names.

But, the ironic thing is that they aren’t scary at all! In fact, Pilates makes your body feel amazing!! And once you begin you’ll wonder why you spent all that time and energy worrying and waiting for nothing. 


Beginner PilatesOnce you get started, your body will begin to respond with gratitude; “Thank you for giving me the attention I’ve been begging for through aches and pains.”


Your mind will begin to show gratitude; “Thank you for giving me the mental break I need so I can stop all the brain fog! I’ve been dying for some clarity!” 


Your spirit will begin to show gratitude; “Thank you for taking the time to fill my cup so you can be a better …parent/spouse/friend/employee/boss/etc.”


The challenge is knowing when to get started. And the answer is always more simple than we think.  


The answer is: NOW. Now is the time to get started!


Stop waiting for things to change. Make things change by getting started!  See how you can flip the narrative there? 


The good news is that Fairfax Pilates is always welcoming new people. Our virtual and in-person classes are designed for all-levels. Our expert team of highly trained instructors know exactly how to modify every exercise so that you can work at your own level and ability. 

Push Up


If you’d prefer to get started with a few private lessons, we can do that too. Not sure what you need?  No worries, we have an introductory session where we can give you a tour of the studio, show you how to work the machines, talk about what you need, and help you choose the right program.  That’s the easy part. 


There is nothing to be afraid of, except doing nothing. Now, that’s scary.