Pilates studios are like airlines

Have you ever noticed that Pilates studios are a lot like airlines? 


Let me explain. 


If you want to fly from Washington, D.C. to Chicago, IL, you can find many airlines that will take you there. Some are direct flights, some offer layovers. Some airlines will charge you for a seat assignment, snacks and a carry-on bag while others may include those with a first class ticket. No matter what you choose, you’ll ultimately reach your destination. 


Pilates studios are similar. 


If you want to practice pilates, you have many studios to choose from. They will all teach you pilates exercises. Some studios may have equipment, some may only offer mat-based moves. Some studios come with experienced teachers while others have apprentices. Some studios offer personalized training and small groups, others offer large groups classes. No matter what studio you choose, you’ll get Pilates. 


Private pilates

Private pilates lessons


The difference is in the detail. 


Have you ever flown on Southwest Airlines? Lovingly referred to as “the cattle call” of air travel, people definitely don’t choose Southwest for its luxurious accommodations. They choose Southwest because it’s cheap. They don’t mind standing in endless lines, rushing on board to snag available seats and paying for every peanut they consume. To some, the only important detail is the price. They may have a long layover, a lost bag and a crick in their neck by the time they reach their destination, but they paid a good price. 


Compare that with a first class ticket on Qatar Airways. In a luxurious, private Qsuite, you can recline your seat completely flat, enjoy chef made cuisine, recharge your devices, watch movies and enjoy countless beverages and snacks along the way. Arrive at your destination without any lingering discomfort or hunger pangs. 


It all comes down to price and what you’re willing to pay. We all have heard “You get what you pay for…”  and never once have I been misled there. 


Consider the pricing comparison with Pilates studios. If you are prioritizing your wellness for a lifetime, do you really want the cheap route? Do you want large classes with inexperienced teachers? Do you want to risk a crick in your neck or back pain because they are unsure how to work with your needs? If you don’t spend money up front with your health and wellness routine, you’ll likely spend it later in the form of pharmaceuticals. 


Reformer Pilates

Semi-private Pilates lessons

At Fairfax Pilates, we believe your body deserves a first class ticket. We only have one body to live in for the duration of our lifetime. The better we take care of it, the better it will take care of us. We invest in our teachers to ensure they are highly qualified and able to help any body who comes to us. We invest in our pilates equipment, ensuring it’s top-notch, clean, well maintained and easily adjustable for all levels and needs. We invest in our services, offering private lessons, small group classes, outdoor mat classes and pilates retreats. Our prices are a bit more expensive than the cheapest studio in town, but our members get serious results. Their chronic pain goes away. They lose weight, gain muscle and stand up straight. They live their lives fully, and don’t let anything get in their way. So, if you’re interested in a Pilates studio that offers the best services with the most qualified instructors, you’ll want to come to Fairfax Pilates. If you don’t live in the area, choose a pilates studio in your area carefully!


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