How to Level Up your Pilates Practice

If you’ve been practicing Pilates for more than 6 months and you’ve stopped seeing results, or if you’ve suddenly started thinking the movements are easy, it’s probably time to Level Up your Pilates practice! 


I always tell new clients that an Advanced Student and a Beginner student could take a beginner class together and 100% of the time the advanced student would get a better workout. 


Laura takes private lessons to ensure her form is perfect and avoid injuries

Let that sink in for a moment. 

Many are surprised to hear this because the beginner class should be too easy for the advanced student, they think. 


reformer class

Take an Equipment Fusion class to practice Chair

Yes, all of the classes are difficult for the beginner student because they are adapting to the moves, keeping up with the transitions, figuring out the spring changes and more. Their bodies will be tired both mentally and physically after a thoughtful Pilates session. However, as they are still learning, their bodies are trying to find the easiest way possible to perform the movement, which typically means their stronger muscles take over to help! 

The advanced student; however, knows how to engage the proper muscles, i.e. the tiny, deep ones, and therefore experiences the workout truly intended by the instructor. The outcome will be different however, as the advanced student will be reaping the benefits from postural realignment and muscle rebalancing, while the beginner student may just feel rejuvenated from the workout. The big gains happen when the form and technique are well executed.

That’s where Leveling Up comes into play. 


Everyone could ALWAYS use a fundamental refresher. 

Everyone would ALWAYS benefit from private lessons. 

And also, everyone would ALWAYS  benefit from breaking through their plateaus by changing up the class type and frequency each week.


Changing the routine, focusing on the fundamentals and really learning how to properly engage the right muscles at the right time yields an optimal experience, and thereby, optimal results.



Tina takes a private lesson to learn technique

Who doesn’t want results from the hard work and dedication they are putting in? If you want a different tomorrow, you have to change today. 

At Fairfax Pilates, we challenge you to “up your game” this month. Increase the number and type of sessions per week, take a few private lessons and fine tune your technique! 


We are running a LevelUp Challenge this month and are allowing members to upgrade their memberships for ONE MONTH ONLY to break through plateaus and increase results. For more information, please reach out to [email protected]


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